And so the 2018 Adventure Begins….

And so the 2018 Adventure Begins….

Happy New Year!

The year 2018 has officially begun, our yearly mileage is officially reset to 0, and we have 365 days of new opportunities that lie in front of us. I do not wish to be the cynic here to remind you that, in fact, 2018 is just a continuation of 2017 and all the other years preceding that; just a continuation of the time period that we call life. While I thank those cynics for pointing out the obvious, I like to think of every New Year as 365 chances to improve upon what we have spent time doing all our other years leading up to this point. Since I quite like my current self (and you should too!), lets think not of New Year, new me but New Year, *better me.


….New Year, *better me…

While you should not feel the need to wait until every 1st of January to take a risk or commit to starting something new (risks are fun all year round!), now is a great opportunity to make some changes and take your life in the direction you want to go. The instauration of a new fitness goals, new personal and relationship goals, new finance goals can begin today.

The year of 2017 was a great year for me in my personal life (staying away from politics in this blogosphere for as long as possible).  In my second year at Utah I made many new friends (I even gained a new best friend!). I lost some teammates, gained some teammates, ran 2,386 miles (and cross-trained for countless others), attended 3 NCAA national championships, was awarded 3 All-American Distinctions, fell down in a National championship race, visited 4 new states, learned to Nordic ski, did 10 chin-ups in a row (finally!), experienced every hair color hue between blonde and black , learned to race harder than I ever had before, and set school records 11 different times (not official, don’t quote me on that). While this may be a small snapshot of my 2017 and a lot more ups and downs were involved, I chalk it up to one great year so whats next?


For 2018 I have MANY big running goals planned, but in order to accomplish those goals (and perhaps what is more important) is committing to the process to obtain those goals. A quote that has always resonated with me in regards to training is “Respect the Process”. In order to reach the lofty goals that I have for myself I know that the biggest goal I can achieve is committing to and respecting a proper training process. By doing so the dreamy end results I so desire will happen as mere consequences. It is kind of like “you have to build a staircase over the stadium, you can’t just jump over it” or “you have to have many stepping stones” or my personal favorite “you are building a beach, one grain of sand at a time”  and so you get the idea. In chopping your big dreams up into a bunch of smaller ones you will feel less overwhelmed, you will feel more accomplished because you will always be accomplishing goals (even daily if you’d like!), and I’d be willing to bet your overall happiness  and confidence would be doing pretty good too.

However, if you happen to be a chronic worrier like me (yes, hello, I’m queen of worry) then you might experience some adverse related health effects as a result of having too many goals including but not limited to: panic attacks in public, sudden urges to go on a “recovery” run that is NOT EVEN CLOSE to recovery pace, breaking down into a mushy crying heap, etc. So I would like to share one of the most valuable lessons that I learned in 2017 *drum roll please*…. Not everything has to be a goal.

Not everything has to be a goal

I often get stuck worrying about what I am doing with my life, asking “Am I accomplishing one of my goals by doing this?” and while it can yield some incredibly effective results in goal productivity, it can also really stress me out! Thank god for dad advice though (he gets all the credit for  this one), where in the midst of one of my Type-A-I’ve-Got-To-Be-An-Overachiever-Or-I’ve-Failed freak outs he reminded me that just because I am not directly accomplishing a goal I can still live my life and be happy, and that’s very important too. So fear not fellow humans, while 2018 offers us lots of opportunities to accomplish many great things it is also an opportunity to be adventurous and spontaneous, to make mistakes, to live life.

Now that you’ve scrolled this far I think its about time I share some of my New Year’s Goals with you all, feel free to steal these ideas at your leisure:

  • Win something (what I blurted out at 12:01 last night to a friend meaning win a race? Eating Contest? Raffle? No idea what I meant here but there it is)

  • Learn to ask for help when I need it (and not feel guilty about needing help)

  • Stay healthy and injury free (4 years and counting *knocks on wood)

  • Live with more adventure, tenacity, courage, and take more risks than last year 

  • Learn how to relax and be okay with it (going to be my biggest challenge, I expect)

  • Help/Inspire others to do the same (and vice versa)


So what are you going to do with what 2017 taught you and your 365 new opportunities this year?

(Feel free to comment, then we can start accomplishing the last goal right away!)

11 thoughts on “And so the 2018 Adventure Begins….”

  • I used to be a worrier too. I would worry about big things, little things, ridiculous things; I would even worry about whether I would worry about something. It’s no way to live. And then I read something Michael J Fox said… something like, “If you worry about the worst case scenario happening, and it comes true, then you have forced yourself to live through it twice.” I read that and thought, “Why the hell do I do that to myself?” So, now, whenever I start to worry about something, I just think of Marty McFly (please tell me you know that reference!!), and that helps me redirect my mind to something more worth using my brain power for.

  • I’m a new runner (by New I mean like I’ve only been seriously distance running for a little over a year now) and for my high schools distance team in track I wanna be top 5 like I was during cross country. But I’m scared because I’ve gained weight like 5 pounds and I’m very out of shape. This new year I wanna lose that weight and make it top five. Advice?

    • Hi Payton! I would advise you not to even worry about your weight! You are so young and new to running that this shouldn’t be an issue for you. If you can just focus on training right, not over-training, and making sure you are fueling your body properly your body will naturally gravitate toward what a healthy weight is for you, even if that means you keep those 5 pounds on or even add a little more! What will help you get top 5 is if you are a hard-worker, passionate about running, and willing to be courageous (not what the scale tells you). If you keep this in mind it will all work out 🙂

  • I love this so much especially the new year, *better me. It’s funny because I was telling my friends the other day that I always say I’m going to do this, not going to do that, but I never seem to get there. However this year I was definitely more open minded about it. Focusing on being a better listener, and relaxing for sure. Not everything has to be stressful it can be fun. Awesome goals!!!

  • I’m definitely a worrier, especially in the hours/minutes leading UP to races, but luckily I have really helpful coaches who believe in me and it’s always fun to shock them when I manage to break out of my head and run fast. Last night I had a race I was really worried about and my coach wouldn’t give me a goal time until I was standing on the line to run, because he knew I’d freak out about it. Well, I ran the race ahead of the whole pack from start to finish and was 2 seconds off the time he gave me! Love your blog and your story, you’re a huge inspiration.

  • I want a logo! That’s dope. You should definitely post training videos. I like to run but I got in a car crash a while back. So it’s been a journey getting back out there.

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