Progress Report

Progress Report

Out of curiosity (and being the number junky engineer that I am) I decided to create some graphs of my running times over the years. I have created graphs for several distances in the sport including both track events and cross country. While my times only go back to the fall of 2014, when I first started my running journey, there is enough data to get a good idea of the progress I have made. I thought this was a cool way to visualize my progress and give me some motivation to keep working towards further improvement.

If you have too much time on your hands like I do, or simply also want to see your own progress, I highly recommend this little project! Moral of this story is that not every race is a PR and everyone’s progress graphs will likely be unique but each graph tells it’s own little narrative that is important just the same. (If you decide to make your own graphs I’d love to see them!).



7 thoughts on “Progress Report”

  • I’d love to use them with my daughter. Is there a specific app or program you used?

    Did you put in your PR for the season or every race you ran?

    Beautiful graphs and nice progress! Keep up the good work!!

    • Thanks for taking a look! Each point represents an individual race that I ran so that is why the trend is net upward but there are variations along the way. And while there may be an app that does this, I just used good ole excel to generate these graphs.

    • I think that part of the quick progression was due to just being so new to the sport I really had no where to go but up. But also, I attribute the continued success to surrounding myself with teams and coaches that were focused on continuing the progression without taking too big of steps or shortcuts to do so. All about consistency!

  • Congratulations on your progress! The graphical representation of running is very interesting! I’ve always wanted to do this myself, so thanks for the push.
    I noticed that you set up the y axis so that as you move up from the origin, the time decreases instead of increasing —nice choice because it shows the upward progression!

  • Congratulations on your progress!

    I’ve always wanted to graph my times but never have. Thanks for motivating me to finally do it!

    I noticed that you decided to have the times decrease instead of increase as you move up from the origin—nice choice because you can see the upward trend!

    • Thank you! Good luck on graphing your own times, and yes seeing a time that trends upward is much more satisfying and motivating!

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