Where it all began…

Where it all began…


Growing up in Salt Lake City, Utah I had every type of sport you could imagine right at my fingertips, and having a twin sister (Maddy) who is equally as talented and athletic meant that we were going to try them all! Our parents always encouraged our rough and tumble attitudes and never let us miss an opportunity to be outside doing something active in one form or another.

By the time we reached high school our competitive spirits proved to be too much and we had to part ways; me choosing soccer and Maddy choosing basketball as the sports we were going to focus on. Both Maddy and I had wanted to play sports in college since we were very young, and I think we both saw collegiate athletics as the pinnacle of sports achievement. If you were a college athlete, you had really made it in life. With this on our minds, we worked relentlessly through high school focusing intensely on academics but also athletics.

When the time finally came for us to go to college we found that our hard work had really paid off as we were both awarded full-ride scholarships at different universities for our athletic and academic accomplishments. I was to attend Sweet Briar College in Virginia to play Division 3 soccer and study engineering and Maddy was to attend Utah State University Eastern to play basketball. But as it goes, life does not always turn out as planned.

My first year at Sweet Briar College was the hardest thing I have ever done and a huge turning point in my life for a variety of reasons (see blog post for further details). As a means of rectifying the situation I decided to move back to the West Coast and attend Santa Clara University to continue my studies in engineering.

However, after making the difficult decision not to continue on with soccer, I knew I still needed to have sports in my life so I decided to ask to walk-on to the Track (and Cross Country? I had no idea you did both) team to keep my competitive spirit satiated. And well, that was when running came into my life and things haven’t been quite the same ever since…. That brings us to the current juncture and with this website I hope to share a little bit of what I have learned in the process of this wild, unconventional journey that I call ‘my life’.




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